Worldchampion is not enough: Germany becomes GastfreunD.

I am GastfreunD – the initative for an inviting Germany.

We Germans are ready to meet our guest open-minded, friendly and helpful – especially in these days of soccer world championship. Against Xenophobia, anxiety and profiteering we state: I am GastfreunD.

Hospitality is an attentive, active attitude. Hospitality is a human and courageously political signal. Hospitality can be learned. The maxims of hospitality show the way: "Treat your guests in a way you would like to be treated" or "Look after the security of your guests" are only two examples of how you can make your guests feel welcome.

I am GastfreunD – and I show it consciously. I stand up for it.

Engage yourself with us in this initiative to empower our community.

Start in Bad Honnef

To build a global network of hospitality we are looking for international partners for this project.

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