The initiators

"I am GastfreunD"
An initiative by Bebiolka & Battke

Germany needs more hospitality.
That was certain to us, after we had traveled through Germany for the last two years presenting our project "What do we need to be happy? - Experiments and expertise for a substantial society". As "the Glücksucher" we talked to a great variety of people including many who originate from other nations. Our experiences caused a great deal of reflection: We met many extremely friendly people but others whom it was better to forget quickly. From our interviews we gathered a whole abundance of realisations that now flow into the initiative "I am Gastfreund" (= a good host).

We are:

Kathleen Battke M.A., 1959
Author and Communication Consultant

  • writes life stories
  • hits exactly the crucial point
  • listens
  • creates confidence
  • finds the appropriate words
  • sorts confusing mish mash
  • has patience
  • provides a calming atmosphere
  • loves language - and silence.

motto: The road rises to your feet while you walk.


Thomas Bebiolka M.A., 1957
Philosopher in own practice,
Coach for unhappy people in business, Business-Mediator, Merchant

  • gives lectures, workshops and seminars on renewing awareness and finding meaning.
  • charges the interface between philosophy, economy and health with energy
  • presents inspirational and sparkling lectures
  • gives short shrifts - if necessary also longer ones
  • is competent in conflict resolution, steers clearly to solutions
  • works with passion and analytical power
  • brings a fresh breeze to the brain
  • is sensitive and tenacious
  • moves mountains
  • travels the whole country
  • brings movement into the game
  • trusts that the most beautiful in the human spirit is the intelligence to discriminate.
  • his sharpest weapons: Language-power and humour.
  • So much heart and brainpower you rarely get for your money.

Reminder for himself and for you: Working with the self opens the way to the essence.

Start in Bad Honnef

To build a global network of hospitality we are looking for international partners for this project.

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