Become a Supporter!

Take responsibility for a hospitality maxim close to your heart - you personally, or your enterprise or organization.

Where or how is your self -image as a good host expressed most strongly:

  • in the communication with your customers?
  • in the attitude towards your co-workers?
  • on the motorway, in traffic behavior?
  • in co-operation with business partners?
  • in the way you deliver your service?
  • in your religious or spiritual view of the world?
  • in the way you maintain friendship and contacts? or work with conflicts?
  • by a special social commitment?
  • nationally or internationally?

What is it worth for you to support this project? money, time, assistance with contacts or public effectiveness are all welcome. Please send us a picture of you in the "I am GastfreunD" - T-Shirt and a (written) statement declaring your kind of support, with your individual signature. We will publish your picture and your statement on our website next to the hospitality maxim you have chosen.

In this way a visible, transparent and strong symbolic network of active hospitality will develop in Germany.

Strengthened dynamics, courage inspiring, open hearted, seriously meant, yet humorous, a much needed and recognisable message to the outside world, reaching out through all industries and social layers, the much and often called for spark for the country with a clear statement:

I am GastfreunD - and I show it also consciously, I stand up for it.

Engage yourself with us in this way for strengthening our community. Carry the message into the country. Go for it!

Start in Bad Honnef

To build a global network of hospitality we are looking for international partners for this project.

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