A T-Shirt with our message "I am Gastfreund" should be the first step - that was immediately clear to us. Also, not any manufacturer would be suitable for production.

We wanted ecology and longevity, a sound and ethical production, fair and transparent trade. Those benchmarks are already and have been shaping our personal purchasing decisions for a long time. And: We want to tell stories and visions of the inventors, manufacturers and producers with imagination and inspiration - to benefit the well-being and enjoyment of the buyers (then perhaps they will be less so called consumers).

This will reduce breath-taking marketing and PR budgets to attract or seduce buyers (a vision of the future).

Why not seduce by tasting the real thing?

Honesty, transparency and the desire to produce outstanding quality: these criteria are the red thread of the initiative "I am GastfreunD".

The same requirements in terms of his own work - and a shared passion for the topic "happiness" - brought us in co-operation with Wolfgang Horbach. The computer specialist cares for this website and the on-line shop.

For the same reason it was easy to win over Hess Natur GmbH: In our very first meeting we agreed on the core requirements for production and communication. Hess Natur GmbH, the largest manufacturer of ecological clothes in Germany, produces "Ich bin GastfreunD" T-Shirts for us and continues to support our initiative for a hospitable Germany.

This is just the beginning.

We are certain many further enterprises, organisations or other initiatives will follow. We will endeavour to support the project with all our strength and reliability to this end. The 10 maxims of hospitality accelerate - we hope - your imagination how hospitality can be bestowed both privately and in business.

You are invited to participate in this project.

Start in Bad Honnef

To build a global network of hospitality we are looking for international partners for this project.

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